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PT. Tama Cokelat Indonesia is a company engaged in processed chocolate, official launched in 2009.

With a touch of creation from a Kiki Gumelar, PT. Indonesian Chocolate Tama has created innovative products.


PT. Indonesian Chocolate Tama has made several variations such as Chocodot (first dodol chocolate in the world),

chocolate filled with fruit cream, coffee beans, dates, spices, tea, and jejamuan. The advantages of Chocodot when compared to other chocolate products Chocodot lifts to distinctive regions of Indonesia through packaging and taste Chocodot tagline “CHOCOLATE INDONESIA”


PT. Indonesian Chocolate Tama has created brands that are supported:


Making the product of PT. Indonesian Chocolate Tama as a brand image of Indonesian chocolate and known by the world


– Browning Indonesia by opening branches, outlets and distribution evenly distributed throughout Indonesia
– Introducing regional cultures in Indonesia through packaging, product naming and raw materials
– Give a new nuance in the context of fruit / souvenir / souvenir / gift
– Introducing Indonesian specialty chocolate to the world


  • TUTTO FOOD 2011 NICHE PRODUCT, Milan Italy 2011 (National product with the best traditional packaging in the world)
  • UPAKARTI, Jakarta 2014 (Award from the Indonesian President)
  • OVOP, Jakarta 2018 (One village one product, 5 star)
  • PANGAN AWARD, Jakarta 2010 & 2016 (product innovation & the best raw materials and the best snacks / snacks)